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July 20, 2007 @ 12:54
John Pender

Captain Bill,

I wanted to thank you for making our fishing excursion the highlight of our week-long vacation in Northern Michigan. Catching 18 good-sized salmon between the two boats we chartered made for a great day of fishing! Watching my dad help his grandson land that lunker was something none of us will ever forget. My brother, who was on the other boat, captured some great footage of their catches- so we all got to see my nephew land his 17 pounder on film when we got back to the cabin. It was a great day that we will never forget.

We feasted that night at the Western Ave. Bar & Grill, a nice upscale restaurant that gave us a good deal on cooking the fish you cleaned for us-with 5 choices of how to cook it. It was a great way to celebrate the events of the day, and have the rest of the family join us for it.

When the vacation was over, we still had plenty of salmon left over, and extended family members who could not join us on the trip got to sample the catch, they made a dinner that fed 10 people. Everyone agreed that it was some of the best fish they ever had. And we still haven't made much of a dent in the amount of salmon we brought back!

It looks like we might be eating salmon from this trip until Labor Day!

And by the way, that smoked salmon was also amazing. We broke it out to snack on while playing some Euchre, and no one could stop eating while we were playing. It kind of made for a tough game with the cards getting greasy and all though. We still have plenty of that left also.

My brother (who is a manager at a grocery store) figured out the value of the fish we caught, and it exceeded the cost of the trip. So if you want to know if I think it was worth it, all you really have to do is look at that!

Many of us are planning to do this again next year, it was great fun for all, and
something great to share with the family.

So, try not to catch the rest of the salmon out there this year, make sure you save some for next year when we come back!

Best Regards,

John Pender

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